Business Data Recovery Services

Business Data Recovery Services

All businesses have business-critical data and applications that they need to protect – personal work stored on laptops, business applications running on servers or infrastructure systems like email and payroll. All of this information is vital to the operations of any business.

Looking after all of this data is a major challenge for all businesses, both large and small, and let’s face it, sometimes things go wrong. Laptops get stolen, email servers fail or someone accidentally deletes a file or worse, an entire folder of business-critical information. Systems get hacked, files get corrupted and disasters happen. Without a means of business continuity, system outages and lost data can halt productivity and incur potentially unrecoverable losses to customer satisfaction, sales, reputation and revenue. ImagEze provides peace of mind, offering an outstanding solution for ensuring that your business data will be available, no matter what happens.

Business Protection Checklist

  • Are your laptops and desktops protected automatically?
  • Is a copy of your data moved off site each day, safe from fire, flood or sabotage?
  • Can you backup Microsoft, Linux and Apple?
  • Can you get your business back up and running in 15 minutes or less when a sever fails?
  • Can you do all of this without spending upfront costs on new hardware or software?

If you answer NO to any of these questions, your data is at risk. Contact ImagEze today to discuss solutions to protect your business.